Business Disputes

Big or small, a business dispute is always complicated, because businesses are complicated. In addition to the facts that will matter to a court, business leaders deciding how to handle disputes have to carefully consider the economic costs of litigation, the potential risks and rewards, their employees’ time (which might otherwise be invested directly in the business), how a public fight might affect marketing and sales, and most likely a number of other factors unique to each business and situation.

Mr. Schaps has extensive experience handling all manner of business disputes – from multimillion-dollar negligence and intellectual property cases to breach of contract, fraud, and malpractice case, to just about everything in between. Mr. Schaps has an impressive record of success in business disputes.

At the Schaps Law office, we pride ourselves on quickly learning our clients’ businesses and unique concerns, and then on helping them to devise and carry out the best legal strategy for them. Sometimes this means aggressive litigation. Sometimes it means creative negotiation. Sometimes it means deciding not to fight, and instead focusing on more promising opportunities. Whatever your business, and whatever dispute you find yourself in, you can trust the Schaps Law Office to help you find the best path forward. Please give us a call at (530) 238-5111 or fill out our online form to see how we can help.