Appeals and Writs

Winning at the trial-court level is great, and losing can be terrible, but neither result is necessarily final. If you have lost a motion or trial you should have won, it is important to consult with an experienced appellate attorney about your options. The same is true if an opposing party seeks to overturn a favorable result you won at the trial-court level. Appeals involve rules, standards and norms that many trial lawyers – even good ones – simply do not know well. Experienced guidance is a must.

Mr. Schaps has deep experience handling appeals. After law school, and after a year clerking for a federal trial-court judge, he spent a year clerking for a judge of the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This experience gave him an insider’s view of how an appellate court operates and of what matters to appellate judges. It also exposed him to countless appellate briefs – good ones, bad ones, and some great ones – and taught him what works and what doesn’t.

In his nearly eight years of practice since finishing his clerkships, Mr. Schaps has successfully handled appeals in the California Court of Appeal and the Ninth Circuit. He is a strong written and oral appellate advocate with a knack for cutting straight to the dispositive issue (which is exactly what an appellate court is looking to do).

If you are considering an appeal, or if you need to defend a trial-level victory, consult with Mr. Schaps about the best way forward.