Needing a lawyer is like needing a surgeon – you wish you didn’t. But when you do need a surgeon, or a lawyer, you want someone with three key traits: experience, intelligence, and integrity. Experience because it takes time to get good at something complicated. Intelligence because every case presents unique challenges. Integrity because you're putting yourself in someone else's hands, and you need to feel comfortable.

Davis civil litigation attorney Michael A. Schaps has over thirteen years’ experience successfully handling a wide range of civil trial and appellate matters. Mr. Schaps received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Stanford and a law degree from U.C. Berkeley, where he finished near the top of his class. He then served as a law clerk to federal trial and appellate judges, and then spent five years litigating complex cases in a big-firm setting.

Building on this foundation, Mr. Schaps achieves great results for clients by cutting to the central issues in a case, identifying the best arguments, and advocating with force and skill.

By doing so – and by always putting the client’s interests first – Mr. Schaps has built a thriving practice and a reputation for excellence in the heart of downtown Davis.

If you have suffered – or are about to suffer– harm, or if you have been threatened with litigation, you need a lawyer to evaluate your situation, give you sound advice, negotiate on your behalf and, if necessary, help you win the fight. Mr. Schaps can be that lawyer. He has helped recover millions of dollars for plaintiffs in cases ranging from contract disputes to intellectual property theft, personal injuries to civil rights violations. At the same time, he has successfully defended companies and individuals in cases ranging from real property disputes to product-defect class actions, discrimination claims to allegations of fraud and malpractice. Mr. Schaps regularly practices in both state and federal courts, at both the trial and appellate levels, as well as before private mediators and arbitrators.

If your matter is in its early stages, you can count on Davis civil litigation lawyer Michael Schaps to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position and, if the other side will come to the table, negotiate effectively on your behalf. Mr. Schaps is a strong and experienced negotiator who has taught courses in the field as an adjunct professor of law at U.C. Davis School of Law. He seeks to resolve each matter as quickly, efficiently and favorably as possible.

If, however, the other side is unreasonable, you can count on Mr. Schaps to fight to win. He is an expert at making and opposing legal motions, which often greatly affect the course of a case and can even end it altogether before trial. If your case does go to trial, Mr. Schaps has the skill and experience to present it in the best light possible. Mr. Schaps has achieved an exceptional record of victories at trial.

Finally, if your case goes up on appeal, Mr. Schaps is able to bring to bear his background as an appellate law clerk and an experienced Davis civil litigation attorney before state and federal appeals courts. He is an outstanding legal analyst, writer, and oral advocate, and he knows what matters most to appellate judges. With Mr. Schaps handling your appeal, you can be sure it will be presented effectively.

Please explore this website to learn more about The Schaps Law Office team, Mr. Schaps, the kinds of cases we handle, and what our clients have to say about us. If you like what you see, and if you need a civil or appellate lawyer, we invite you to contact The Schaps Law Office at (530) 238-5111 or by filling out the form below for a confidential, no-obligation discussion about whether Mr. Schaps might be the right lawyer for you.

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